Hart N. Feuer
Campaign Coordinator

Associate Professor, Division of Natural Resource Economics, Philosophy of Agricultural Science Unit, Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

ハート ナダヴ フォイヤー
京都大学大学院 農学研究科 生物資源経済学専攻 農学原論 講師
国際高等教育院 講師

Hart N. Feuer’s current research activities focus on wild and heritage foods, youth dietary skills and intergenerational food knowledge transfer. His primary area of focus is Cambodia and Japan, but he works closely in China and numerous Southeast Asian countries. He has academic degrees from Israel, England, Germany, and the USA, covering the fields of development studies, environmental studies, rural sociology, and food studies.

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京都大学 大学院

Kyoto University
Division of Natural Resource Economics, Graduate School of Agriculture
606 – 8502 Kyoto, Japan

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Eric Olmedo

Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Eric Olmedo is a sociologist of food and expert consultant in capacity building for tourism and hospitality sectors globally. He is also the founder of the Asia-Pacific Food Studies Network (APFSN). His work centers on transnational food education, culinary identities and sustainable food systems, encompassing Malaysia and Vietnam.


Rachel Thomas Tharmabalan

Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Japan

Rachel Thomas Tharmabalan long served as a Lecturer in the School of Hospitality at Sunway University, Malaysia. She is also a fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies, National University of Malaysia. Rachel holds a master’s degree in food technology and PhD in ethnic food studies from the National University of Malaysia. Her research interests revolve around nutrition and well-being, revitalization of traditional food and forgotten crops, particularly among indigenous peoples.


Tan Kean Buan

Lecturer, INTI College, Malaysia

A chef by training, Kean Buan joined academia after many years of experience overseas. His interest is in creating awareness about the health risks of dining out and the benefits of enjoying home-cooked meals, prepared with local and natural ingredients.


Chandavy Say

Chef and Educator, Cambodia

Chandavy Say is a chef and educator from the foodie-famous province of Kampot, Cambodia. Davy began her food career as an apprentice to her father, a village chef who catered for ceremonies and events. She now specializes in Khmer and Thai-Isaan heritage cuisine, serves a show chef, and educates widely in Cambodia on childhood food literacy.


Sary Seng

Research Fellow, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Sary Seng is a lecturer at the public university in Thbong Khmum province, Cambodia, and has served as a food and agricultural educator across Southeast Asia and abroad. Sary has worked for numerous organizations promoting ecological agriculture and heritage food preservation. His works aims to mainstream and teach young people to regain appreciation for diverse, traditional food systems.


François Couplan

Ethnobotanist and writer

François Couplan specializes in the traditional uses of wild edible plants and is a consultant on biodiverse culinary creativity. He created an institute for research on flora properties and promotes natural agriculture to “encourage” spontaneous vegetation. He has set up his own school in Lyon, France, the Collège Pratique d’Ethnobotanique, based on the ‘soft survival’ concept, geared towards teaching people the uses of plants and exploring the age-long relationship between humans and nature.


Prof. Datuk Dr. Shamsul Baharuddin

Director, Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Distinguished Professor Shamsul is one of the leading social anthropologists in Southeast Asia, and founding director of KITA, an interdisciplinary university institute forged to engage with issues of identity, multiculturalism and unity. He has been constantly at the forefront of ethnic studies in the region, including food and culinary studies, with many of his essays and books becoming standard reference across the world.


Sam Ath Houy

Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, Svay Rieng University

Sam Ath Houy has a PhD in Business Administration and Management and has more than 15 years experiencing lecturing in entrepreneurship and business. He has conducted research on the development of heritage food products and their promotion in Cambodia. Sam Ath regularly works as a researcher and consultant in topics of entrepreneurship and SME development.


Bunly Soeung

Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, Svay Rieng University

Bunly Soeung is fellow at the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, and former Research Associate at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Bunly has worked directly on nutrition knowledge in school settings, ecological literacy, and the generational legacy of the Khmer Rouge.


Courtney Work

Associate Professor, Department of Ethnology, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Courtney Work has undertaken participatory research activities in Cambodia for over 10 years related to traditional forest practices and transforming livelihoods, evaluating the impacts of development projects and encroachment on food systems and spiritual livelihoods of indigenous people in Cambodia and Taiwan.


Mai Kobayashi

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

Mai Kobayashi researchers and teaches about ecological agriculture, rural development and food systems in the Himalayas and Japan. Mai’s work focuses on transitions to sustainable food systems through forecasting and re-valuation using alternative metrics, such as agroecology. She has experience in mountainous isolated areas and urban food systems.

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Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, © Hart N. Feuer

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